Ska hälsa på mormor och morfar vid deras minnesbild och elda lite stuffs till dem.

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Wagyu beef ftw!

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My doctor and one of the consultation lady

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Chicken burrito with caramel frappachino @ starbucks 

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Did my Lasik surgery at Dream eye center in Myeong-dong.

They were all real nice and most of them could good english.
Everything went well and it didn’t hurt a bit. Some test and when flipping the cornea was a bit scary but it went well anyway.

After surgery it feelt like I had a big eyelash in the eye and it hurt but after 3hours my eyes were fine and I could see again :D Was really light sensitiv tho but next day my eyes were fine and just needed to wear sunglasses and do my regular eyesdrop.

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Gyoza that looked like a brain

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I love uniqlo :D

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