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Hong kong

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Rainbow game is to easy for me and Carrie!

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Me and Carrie at Victora harbour

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Ska hälsa på mormor och morfar vid deras minnesbild och elda lite stuffs till dem.

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Chicken burrito with caramel frappachino @ starbucks 

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Did my Lasik surgery at Dream eye center in Myeong-dong.

They were all real nice and most of them could good english.
Everything went well and it didn’t hurt a bit. Some test and when flipping the cornea was a bit scary but it went well anyway.

After surgery it feelt like I had a big eyelash in the eye and it hurt but after 3hours my eyes were fine and I could see again :D Was really light sensitiv tho but next day my eyes were fine and just needed to wear sunglasses and do my regular eyesdrop.

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Here is we’re I did my eye surgery. 20/13 vision!

Dream eye center

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Mouth full of meat! :D

Mouth full of meat! :D

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Efter varit på hotellet och tagit en dusch åkte jag till myeongdong för att jaga efter ett par solglasögon som jag skulle ha på mig efter operationen.
Köpte nå ansikttvätt grejs också.

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